A downloadable game for Windows

Daisy's Farm is just ripe with creepy happenings.
Harvest your crop quickly or else feel the wraith of the crows.
Make no mistake, you're being watched.

Use WASD to move. SPACE to jump. SHIFT to run. CLICK to interact.

Contact me! thehermitcavestudio@gmail.com

Install instructions

Extract files to unzip.
Double click "Harvest Demo.exe"


DaisysFarmHD.zip 32 MB


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This game is really good i really look forward for the full game :) 

Great game! Fun and challenging! I'm not gonna lie, I raged A LOT lol. But I beat it. It might be just me but I felt like the last levels were kinda easy. Like especially the very last one cuz you just had to jump over the lazers. That's the only problem I have with the game. Can't wait for the full game.

Hey there. Name's Esh, and I try to play a lot of Gamejolt/Itch stuff on my channel. I played your game as part of a 3 Scary Games video (yours begins at 14:55).

Let me first say, I LOVE the aesthetic of this game, a strange sort of Burton/Courage the Cowardly Dog esque cartoony horror, and the scary pumpkin girl is a wonderful design, as is your logo. And the sudden spike in challenge with things as outrageous as tumbstones and buzzsaws is simultaneously hilarious and startling, so great work on that much. THe game's setting definitely immediately got me curious.

However, that's also what kind of took me out of the game itself, consdering this is a demo that is largely about menial labor.  I don't feel as if I had the game's setting introduced, and a Demo that punishes you so harshly for one misstep as to go back and repeat really monotonous tasks for a while just to get a second chance at the obstacle that got them doesn't seem to present the end result well. It just got aggravating when you'd gotten far, only to have to start over, and is why I didn't finish.

It is however VERY endearing, and I am endlessly curious about this Harvest project that I will definitely check out in the future. So please, do keep at it. I just feel as if a Demo should be a shorter, more easily completed experience than a trial and error bit of labor. But maybe that is just me. Great work.

I included your cool game in one of my let's plays. Keep it going!

Had a lot of fun with this game! Real pain having to start from the beginning each time but that is the point! Those damn saw blades!! Great job, keep up the good work!! 

Very thankful I came across this game. While I haven't finished it, I do like it up and down -- from premise to the core loop. I feel like it has a great sense of humour while retaining the seriousness and anxiety inducing moment to moment gameplay. Looking forward to what this projects becomes. Grats dev, rad game overall.

beautiful game, but I find it difficult to press the fruit. I would be in front of it and pressing it and it wouldn't register that I had pressed it. 


Well, this game wa...interesting and got progressively harder! I'd say it's a horror game, but more PG-13 horror, which isnt bad at all. The thing I don't like is having to restart all the way back at the beginning. I think it would be cool to add a death animation instead of just words popping up on the screen. Good game though!

fun game to play

This game has some serious potential, and its challenging, I had to try it out, and it was amazing the graphics, and the scarecrows voice acting was ON POINT I enjoyed as far as I got! haha wish there was checkpoints though, but then again if it was not that long probably not, it increases the challenge I had fun playing :) 

Very great challenging horror which wasn't a horror necessarily lol found that funny but if interested feel free to watch me dominate the challenges if you call me dying only a few times that haha!

Really fun and challenging game! Not sure how far I got but would love to try to beat it if there was a checkpoint system or something. Either way great game and looking forward to updates! 

A very challenging game. Great environment and voice acting. A checkpoint after the easiest levels would be great.

This was a super fun game and very challenging! Daisy is definetly relentless hahaha!

Very cool. Like some have already said, checkpoints would be nice. Otherwise really well done! That scarecrow is creepy and the voice work is awesome!

Looks creepy! i love it. Contratulations!

This was a fun little arcade game. Was a blast, I played more in my spare time too so if you are reading this and haven't played I recommend it!

Daisy's farm starts at 5:01

It's pretty cool and fun, but we need a checkpoints and counter. It would be great. Thank you for this game! =)

This game is amazing! I love the setting, the designs, and the voice-acting for Daisy. The one issue I had with it is the checkpoint because once I’ve died, then I got start over with the unskippable cutscene. Other than that, each stage is challenging and requires a lot of agility and quick-thinking. 10 / 10! 

Honestly, I love the athmosphere and the idea. What I don't like is the fact that often when I tried to click on the fruit it wouldn't pick them up. Also, starting over from the beginning on one death is frustrating and the only reason I didn't play this demo to the end.

My Gameplay: 

Good game, keen to see more of this.

Interesting little demo, shows a good amount of lore while bringing the player in, and overall just weird. The lack of checkpoints was an issue but this game has a solid base and I can't wait til the full game comes out.

I didn't think this would get me to scream, but it did. Now I gotta eat a Carolina reaper. GG bottoms up. Also I enjoyed this very much from what I played.

I had a blast with this! Almost spent all day playing lol

Made a video

I gave this a go and recorded my first experience. Loved it!!! Appreciate it if you can check it out. By the way, who voiced Daisy?

I'm really excited to see where this goes. Also, who voiced daisy?

I really love your game! I beat it! So here is the ending here for whoever is curious!! Thank you for sharing! 

Keep it up

This was an interesting premise,  would like to see what evolves later on!! 

Played this for a 3 free indie horror games and was a little disappointed with what i played. (Let me preface this by saying, I am in no way saying the game as a whole is bad, i just didn't like it) The whole concept of it is pretty cool, but the game is just really repetitive and kind of annoying. Not a big fan of these style games as there is no really clear reason behind picking these fruit and the obstacles that get thrown in later don't add much to the scare or fun factor. if this were a more fleshed out, linear demo, i might had enjoyed it more, but as it sits now, it's just kinda a showcase of a concept that's already been done a million times. I Like the kinky scarecrow though lol. I give a much more in-depth review in my video below. I'm looking forward to seeing what this game progresses to, as it does have a ton of potential!


I tried this game, goddamn this was challenging game. Somekind of savepoint or something could be fun. Annoying listen all dialog at the begin over and over again. It isn't really horror (for now, dunno about future) but I still enjoyed (and got pissed off) this game. Great job :D

Really cool little game!Kinda challenging!Keep up!:)


I really like the game, it's simple but it works. Get's a little more challenging and the difficulty creep is about right for a game like this, I will keep an eye out for the full release :)


Very intense game. It would be cool if when you failed to get the fruit she would break free and chase you down.

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We were thinking that would happen, would be a very nice game mechanic if she did, or even sent the crows after you!!


Got really far on my first go, got a little tiny bit challenging, then I made a mistake. There are no checkpoints so after my first try where I got quite far, although unsure how far or how long the demo is, I'd say I just have to anxious await the full game to see the rest of it, unless the Demo ending is really good ;O Then I may have to retry.


I love these kinds of games!


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Good level of difficulty, interesting premise, good voice acting, an all around great package! 

I really enjoy this one! thank you for sharing!! 

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